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Why I’m sold on collaboration tech

You know technology is truly powerful when it begins to alter a company’s culture, and that’s exactly what we are seeing as real-time collaboration software takes hold.

Embarking on a mission to explore emerging technology

Companies that expect and embrace disruption don’t wait for a particular business problem to solve before they begin experimenting with emerging technology. They dive in.

The DNA of digital disruptors

Businesses need to understand that incremental innovation and radical innovation with digital requires two different approaches and mindsets.

CIOs wanted for innovation expansion

companies are converging technology, data and product design to expand innovation.

Robotics competitions build stem skills

Things you learn when forward and fast is the only option and failure is par for the course.

A CIOs guide for engaging the board

Given the pace of technological change, how can boards really be on top of their game?

FinTech: Headwinds or windfall for incumbents?

Now that the change has turned from a drum beat into a bang, signs of the upending of the financial services industry are hard to ignore.

Industrial manufacturers digitize operations to compete

Customer loyalty is waning, as technology companies raise the bar. Smart digital operations are requiring vastly different approaches. These key principles can help.

Three strategies to decrease IT costs and increase business impact

Successful CIOs have to find new strategies to bridge the growing “Digital Divide.”

The new cybersecurity threat landscape

The new threat landscape is taking shape before our eyes and now is the time for senior executives to sharpen their focus on cybersecurity.

Meet the new enterprise architect: The “capability architect”

A legacy approach to technology management is a death-knell.

An untapped market for inventing the future?

We need to include and unlock the potential of the entire population when solving complex challenges.

Nine reasons your enterprise is not Agile, yet

Testing-related challenges are holding enterprises back.

Ushering in the next generation of information architecture

Businesses need a forward-thinking strategy to enable their data and analytics capabilities.

HR in the Cloud is soaring

The adoption of cloud HR technology and mobile to engage and deliver important services is climbing at an exponential rate.

Ten questions to discover your digital IQ

The behaviors of best-in-class digital leaders.

Play with tech or play catch up

When executives play, they stop being frozen by their fear and start getting motivated by their imaginations.

Who’s in charge of digital?

As digital investments soar and technology permeates the enterprise, more companies are waking up to the importance of placing a single leader at the helm of digital initiatives.

The CIO’s #1 resolution for 2016

If you had the luxury of focusing on one thing in 2016, what would it be?

Top ten metrics for a new CIO

Speed, innovation and security are more important than ever as digital disrupts the enterprise.


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