Artificial Intelligence

What it means to open AI’s black box

To cement trust and drive business success, we must be able to explain how algorithms “think.”

Confidence in the future: Finance’s digital future starts with you

What artificial intelligence, RPA, and other technologies mean for the CFO.

Eight ways AI will change your business in 2018

Why now’s the time to get serious about artificial intelligence.

AI advances that will have the most impact (infographic)

Artificial intelligence is front and center, with business and government leaders pondering the right moves.

Eight insights to shape your AI business strategy

The real artificial intelligence “jobs issue” – plus seven more trends you shouldn’t ignore.

Briefing: Artificial intelligence

Everyone’s talking about AI, but what do they really mean? Get smart on the basics and the trends for 2018.

Playing emerging tech catch up in finance

CFOs have an opportunity to cut costs, build for the future, and increase data-driven decision making.

Top 10 AI trends for business leaders in 2018

Ready to put artificial intelligence to work? Make sure to get these 10 things right.

Top 10 artificial intelligence (AI) technology trends for 2018

Learn about the artificial intelligence advances that will have the most impact.

IoT-Inc: AI and IoT–A marriage made in data (podcast)

In this episode of the IoT show, we discuss the symbiotic relationship between AI and IoT.

Briefing: Robotic process automation

It won’t talk to you, and it won’t drive your car. But automating simple tasks through RPA can provide real ROI.

World Economic Forum: Eight ways AI can help save the planet

In a new Forum-PwC report launched at Davos this year, we showcase the significant opportunity to harness AI for the Earth. Here we outline eight of the identified “game changer” AI applications to address this planet’s challenges. The key ingredients for AI success

The “Best Enterprise Application of AI” category recognizes the most compelling example of an AI-driven solution deployed commercially, across all industries. Learn about the PwC project that won.

Sizing the prize: The real value of business AI

PwC’s Global Artificial Intelligence Study details how to build AI in the responsible and transparent way needed to maintain the confidence of customers and wider stakeholders.

AI is coming. Is your business ready?

CEOs see the potential—and the risks.

Confidence in the future: Emerging tech and finance

To remain effective, finance must be ready to adopt the right technologies at the right time for the right purposes.

Enabling better healthcare with artificial intelligence

Are consumers and clinicians prepared for innovation?

Diving deeper into the realm of AI

Deep learning is a crucial step toward achieving true AI—but the human brain still reigns supreme.

A strategist’s guide to artificial intelligence

As the conceptual side of computer science becomes practical and relevant to business, companies must decide what type of AI role they should play.

Five ways artificial intelligence is changing tax

From automating reporting to improving forecasting, see how AI is making a difference. Three barriers to AI adoption across the enterprise

What’s slowing companies down from seizing this opportunity?

Responsible AI: How to build trust and confidence

A responsible AI framework to strengthen confidence in how to effectively deploy AI solutions and have trust in their outputs.

2017 Global Digital IQ Survey: AI

See who’s investing in the technology and why.

AI is already entertaining you

How technology endowed with creative intelligence changes the way companies generate and distribute content.

How AI is pushing man and machine closer together

Consumer Intelligence Series reports on the “revolutionary partnership.”

Machine learning 101 (infographics)

Our visual primers will show you what it is, how it works, and where it’s headed.

Machine learning methods (infographic)

What’s the right algorithm for the task? Our visual primer shows the most common ones in use and the business problems they solve.

Machine learning evolution (infographic)

What will it take for AI to become mainstream in business? The convergence of different research approaches—and lots of human intelligence.

Is your CEO hands-on with technology? Seven tools to spark innovation and boost productivity

Company leaders share the tools that streamline their workday and improve their business.

From rivets to reconciliations: how RPA saves financial firms money

Like the auto industry before it, financial services is turning to digital labor to cut costs.

The rise of robotics and AI (infographic)

No longer the domain of science fiction, robotics and artificial intelligence are becoming important business drivers. Our timeline looks back at how we got here.

Artificial intelligence: A tipping point for digital business

Is AI the shot in the arm that today’s transformation efforts need?

Real-world AI: lessons from the field

Everyone’s talking AI at Mobile World Congress. See it in action—and saving money—in field service.

The rise of robotics and AI (an interactive timeline)

Fueled by advances in computing power and connectivity, the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence have grown rapidly.

Digital twins beyond the industrials

How AI-based virtual replicas can help financial institutions better predict customer behavior

What’s artificial intelligence? (video)

Here’s how AI experts and pundits see it.

Machine learning overview (infographic)

See how it works, its relationship to AI, and where companies are using it.

Besides blockchain, what’s missing from IoT?

The IoT will become a much richer phenomenon, an internet of not just connected things, but a collaboration environment where machines as well as humans can interact, at scale.

AI is the new electricity

Six reasons why artificial intelligence is a lot like electricity, starting with, ‘You plug it in – and it works.’

Robotic process automation underpins artificial intelligence

How robotic process automation technology can make artificial intelligence even smarter in the enterprise.

AI everywhere & nowhere part 3 – AI is AAAI (Assisted-Augmented-Autonomous Intelligence)

Changing the definition of artificial intelligence to mean assisted, augmented, autonomous intelligence.

AI everywhere & nowhere part 2 – AI is UI (Ubiquitous Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence must be ubiquitous to truly impact business and consumer life in a meaningful way.

Forest or trees: Navigating the emerging technology wilderness

How to stay informed about emerging technologies without becoming overwhelmed by the endless possibilities.

AI everywhere & nowhere part 1 – Tempered excitement

Artificial intelligence has a lot of promise – but it also has a ways to go before it can be deployed widely to full advantage.


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