Daniel Eckert

Daniel Eckert

Dan is a managing director with PwC’s Advisory practice and CTO for PwC’s Emerging Technology Group. He has 25 years of IT experience between industry and consulting. He has a deep understanding of application integration, reference architecture, web performance architecture, enterprise document and web content management, collaboration, and is one of the PwC’s leaders in mobile device technology. Dan attended DePaul University in Chicago with a focus on computer science and enterprise architecture. He also has his Journeyman Computer Engineer Certification from the US Government.


How sensors are changing the game

The sensor technology that helps athletes avoid injury and improve performance can bring benefits to the enterprise.

AI is the new electricity

Six reasons why artificial intelligence is a lot like electricity, starting with, ‘You plug it in – and it works.’

What emerging technology should we invest in?

How to assess emerging technologies to know if they’re worthwhile investments for your company.

Three big emerging technology themes from CES 2016

How will three major themes that prevailed at CES 2016 impact your organization’s technology strategy?

Three key hurdles hampering the internet of things

We explore three big issues that are keeping the internet of things from truly taking off.

Digital spaghetti: What happens when emerging technology meets the hype cycle

How to separate hype from reality about emerging technologies: internet if things, wearables, and context-aware computing.

Mobile apps vs. the mobile web: Is this the argument mobile developers should be discussing?

The mobile apps vs. mobile web argument distracts us from what’s important: delivering custom, context-aware services.

Bring your own cloud—Another BYOD in the making?

Cloud has the potential to disrupt everything from employee policies to IT architectures like its predecessor, BYOD. Are you ready?

The potential of context aware computing

Companies now have a powerful tool to notify, enhance, extend, and rationalize situations to augment our human decision-making capability. It not only helps us to make better, more informed decisions, but it truly becomes an extension of us.



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