Innovation’s Bottom Line: The CFO’s Role in Bringing New Ideas to Market

Thumbnail image for Innovation’s Bottom Line: The CFO’s Role in Bringing New Ideas to Market November 7, 2014

  by Rob Shelton The traditional role of chief financial officers is more closely aligned with managing business and financial risk – setting spending limits, meeting budget, trimming excess and enforcing the bottom line. Yet today’s CFO has a vital role in driving innovation and boosting a company’s “partner of choice” appeal. Innovation-savvy CEOs know […]

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Bridging Technology and Innovation: The CIO’s Role in Driving New Growth

Bridging Technology and Innovation October 23, 2014

  by Rob Shelton and Chris Curran Savvy chief information and technology officers have always known that IT capabilities could deliver more than efficient, repeatable business practices. Many CIOs and CTOs understand that a well-designed and fully leveraged technology strategy can usher in breakthroughs and competitively disruptive capabilities. With this in mind, CIOs can focus […]

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Your Next Great Idea May Come from Your Customer

Your Next Great Idea May Come from Your Customer October 22, 2014

  by Christina H. Brodie The adage “The customer’s always right” has long influenced the way companies define their customer service models and interact with people using their products. Dig deeper and the saying suggests three important questions executives should routinely ask themselves: Am I really listening closely to what our customers are saying about […]

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No Waiting Room: How New Entrants Will Transform Healthcare

No waiting room August 4, 2014

by Vaughn Kauffman and Ceci Connolly Healthcare remains a holdout in embracing innovative, affordable, and more convenient options. The industry lags in becoming a more consumer-focused industry and using the latest technology to transform the way care is delivered. The industry has operated for years with an outdated model that fails to deliver outcomes that […]

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Innovation’s Not Magic. It’s Sound Strategy

Innovation's Not Magic August 4, 2014

by Rob Shelton If you listen closely, some executive-level conversations around innovation sometimes conjure up images of magic brews and secret ingredients simmering in a pot. Throw in a little bit of talent, add a dash of operational excellence, look into a crystal ball to know what your customer will want three years from now, […]

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Making Innovation Work: Building the Growth Engine

July 30, 2014
Thumbnail image for Making Innovation Work: Building the Growth Engine

by Rob Shelton What gives some companies the edge in making breakthrough innovations that drive growth – finding good ideas, and making them real? How do they achieve higher levels of sustained growth through innovation? In our experience and research of what makes winners stand out, we’ve seen that a number of themes differentiate leaders […]

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