Machine learning 101 (infographics)

April 17, 2017

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For the connected consumer, machine learning is now a key enabler, from on-demand translation services, to weather forecasting, to guessing what users want based on where they are and what they’ve been doing. But only a third of companies IDC surveyed in 2017 said they had plans to use machine learning inside the enterprise. Lack of familiarity and a talent gap are some of the reasons enterprises have been reluctant to embrace this set of techniques.

As with any essential technology, companies can get started with a clearer sense of the fundamentals. What is machine learning, and how does it differ from traditional programming? How does it embrace and extend the realm of statistics? What are the most popular and advanced machine learning algorithms? How has machine learning evolved over decades, and where is it heading now?

We’ve assembled a series of visual primers to answer these questions and more:


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