Blockchain is here. What’s your next move?

Discover four strategies to navigate this new world.

How blockchain works (infographic)

Learn how distributed ledger technology, digital tokens, and smart contracts are rewiring commerce.

Automation now

5 questions to reimagine business processes, solve pain points and empower your people.

How all retailers can better serve every customer

Four ways retail businesses can improve the customer experience to thrive in the age of instant gratification.

Four ways healthcare can improve customer experience

Improve the patient experience. Make healthcare work better for everyone.

Understanding blockchain risks, controls and validation (infographic)

Three risks are stalling innovation. What businesses can do about them.

Understanding blockchain – internal auditors (video)

Insights to help internal auditors understand blockchain.

Briefing: Blockchain

The technology underlying bitcoin promises to secure and simplify transactions and networks in every industry.

AI advances that will have the most impact (infographic)

Artificial intelligence is front and center, with business and government leaders pondering the right moves.

Eight insights to shape your AI business strategy

The real artificial intelligence “jobs issue” – plus seven more trends you shouldn’t ignore.

The IoT’s potential to forge connections (infographic)

Devices that share their data are set to change the foundation of intelligience, and therefore, industries.

Briefing: Augmented reality

It’s reality magnified. How augmenting our experiences of the world around us can bring industries unexpected benefits.

Briefing: Robotic process automation

It won’t talk to you, and it won’t drive your car. But automating simple tasks through RPA can provide real ROI.

RPA: A primer for internal audit professionals

RPA can help internal audit increase productivity, expand its risk coverage and help address the ongoing compliance burden by doing more with less.

Briefing: Virtual reality

Beyond gaming: see how VR can transform a host of industries—and business operations.

World Economic Forum: Eight ways AI can help save the planet

In a new Forum-PwC report launched at Davos this year, we showcase the significant opportunity to harness AI for the Earth. Here we outline eight of the identified “game changer” AI applications to address this planet’s challenges. The key ingredients for AI success

The “Best Enterprise Application of AI” category recognizes the most compelling example of an AI-driven solution deployed commercially, across all industries. Learn about the PwC project that won.

RPA: A primer for internal audit professionals (video)

By helping the organization understand and control RPA risks and identifying opportunities to embrace RPA within their own organization, internal audit can position themselves as trusted advisors.

Sizing the prize: The real value of business AI

PwC’s Global Artificial Intelligence Study details how to build AI in the responsible and transparent way needed to maintain the confidence of customers and wider stakeholders.

Confidence in the future: Emerging tech and finance

To remain effective, finance must be ready to adopt the right technologies at the right time for the right purposes.

7 Day Yield: Digital labor and RPA defined (video)

The terms may be confusing but the bottom line is saving time and money through software automation.

7 Day Yield: Blockchain and fintech trends (video)

Which industries are most ripe for tech disruption? The promise of mixed reality

Tech companies large and small are augmenting real-world experiences with virtual layers to retrain the human brain.

AR: Bridging the digital and physical (infographic)

Augmented reality has the potential to profoundly alter how we interact with the world and one another.

Briefing: The internet of things

As the IoT expands, so do opportunities to make it more secure and dramatically improve business.

Briefing: Drones

Drones aren’t swarming the skies everywhere—yet. But interest in their potential for aerial data collection and monitoring is growing.

Briefing: Robotics

From hospitality and manufacturing to agriculture and mining, robots won’t just replace humans; they will also work alongside them.

Responsible AI: How to build trust and confidence

A responsible AI framework to strengthen confidence in how to effectively deploy AI solutions and have trust in their outputs.

2017 Global Digital IQ Survey: Internet of things

See who’s investing in the technology and why.

2017 Global Digital IQ Survey: AI

See who’s investing in the technology and why.

2017 Global Digital IQ Survey: Robotics

See who’s investing in the technology and why.

2017 Global Digital IQ Survey: 3-D printing

See who’s investing in the technology and why.

2017 Global Digital IQ Survey: Drones

See who’s investing in the technology and why.

2017 Global Digital IQ Survey: Augmented reality

See who’s investing in the technology and why.

2017 Global Digital IQ Survey: Virtual reality

See who’s investing in the technology and why.

2017 Global Digital IQ Survey: Blockchain

See who’s investing in the technology and why.

AI is already entertaining you

How technology endowed with creative intelligence changes the way companies generate and distribute content.

Five ways 3-D printing is changing manufacturing

As 3-D printing emerges from prototyping to assume a role in mass manufacturing and production, the industry must adapt.

3-D printing in manufacturing (infographic)

See how recent advances are moving 3-D printing from prototyping to full-scale design and production.

Briefing: 3-D printing

Get up to speed on the latest trends and developments, including interviews with innovators and an infographic.

How 3-D printing is moving from the lab to factory floor

As more manufacturers eye 3-D printers for production, they are learning how it may redefine their entire industry.

Running 3-D printing operations at scale

Shapeways’ Pieter Limburg explains how his company has scaled its processes to produce 200,000 3-D-printed products each month.

From prototyping to finished products

Executives at 3-D printing company Carbon explain why additive manufacturing means rethinking how products are engineered.

The software behind 3-D printing

3-D printing software and services pioneer Materialise is transforming the traditional manufacturing process.

Five ways robots are going mainstream

At the same time that robots’ capabilities are expanding, they are becoming easier to use and more affordable.

How AI is pushing man and machine closer together

Consumer Intelligence Series reports on the “revolutionary partnership.”

Robots ready for work (infographic)

Robots are more capable, easier to use, and affordable. While there is still room for improvement, the opportunity to leverage robotics has never been more accessible. See how.

Cybersecurity and privacy risks of Industry 4.0 (infographic)

From smart factories to connected homes, see how new security and privacy risks affect businesses and consumers.

The rise of robotics and AI (infographic)

No longer the domain of science fiction, robotics and artificial intelligence are becoming important business drivers. Our timeline looks back at how we got here.

The rise of robotics and AI (an interactive timeline)

Fueled by advances in computing power and connectivity, the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence have grown rapidly.



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