A guide to the Internet of Things

July 31, 2014




The Internet of Things (IoT) is making steady progress, as you can see from our recent report on sensor adoption. Every day, more and more ordinary objects are brought into the digital fold with the promise of enhancing the lives of consumers and improving business operations. In the near future, you’ll be surrounded—at home and work and everywhere in between—with even more objects that can collect, store and share information. How can businesses navigate this new landscape?

We have been enmeshed in the IoT with various client projects, research and analysis, and thought leadership development. To help you benefit from the time we’ve spent on the IoT in recent months, here is a roundup of fresh PwC intellectual capital on the IoT. Let us know in the comments if you have information sources to share as well.

Sensing the Future of the Internet of Things

The level of investment in sensors is an early indicator of the progress of the Internet of Things. This data snapshot provides numbers on sensor adoption by top performers, regions and industries and includes examples of how companies are using sensors to develop new products and to improve business operations.

Smarter Business Intelligence Through Sensors

This blog post is straight from PwC’s Emerging Technology Lab. We were asked to design a prototype that would enable a a global company to gather compliance and activity data on a fleet of branded refrigerators. Take a closer look at the prototype and explore the lessons learned from the project.

The CIO’s Role in the Internet of Things

Who’s in charge of the Internet of Things? It depends on whether or not we are talking about product design planning or business instrumentation strategy. The CIO has a vital role to play in both and this post explains how and why.

The Internet of Things Raises New Security Questions

The IoT brings great convenience to daily life. However, it is also creating significant and little explored security vulnerabilities. This post addresses the security risks of the IoT that organizations and individuals need to consider.

The Internet of Things Means Business

Enterprises are adding sensors to people, places, processes and products across the value chain to capture and analyze information to advance the goals of the organization. This post tackles the 4 things business executives need to keep in mind as they instrument the enterprise.

The Potential of Context Aware Computing

If carried out correctly, the Internet of Things will facilitate context aware computing, in which situational and environmental information are used to anticipate immediate needs of consumers and businesses and proactively offer enriched, situation-aware responses. This post uses a car crash to illustrate the power of context aware computing.

For decades, futurists have predicted that the IoT would take off. Their vision is finally becoming reality. Now is the time to start examining the disruptive potential of the IoT for your business. We hope this guide helps you to get started.



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