2017 Global Digital IQ Survey: Robotics

May 9, 2017



Robots are going beyond specialized tasks in manufacturing to more general use. As their capabilities expand, they are becoming easier to use, and their costs are going down. In the future, robots could assist in surgery—but with a far greater level of precision and without getting tired. They might plant and harvest crops, picking the most delicate fruit without damaging it. And your next T-shirt might be sewn by a robot rather than a human.

Who is investing the most? Today, robotics appeal most to companies headquartered in Asia, including airlines, automotive companies, healthcare providers, aerospace and defense firms, engineering and construction companies, and industrial manufacturers. In three years, the list will expand to include energy, mining, pharmaceutical, and chemicals companies.

What are robotics investors focusing on? Product, service, and business-model innovation is the top digital initiative, today and in three years.

What value do robotics investors expect? These companies are looking to grow revenue and innovate products today, with increased profitability a priority in three years.



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