2017 Global Digital IQ Survey: AI

May 9, 2017



Artificial intelligence enables computers to perceive, analyze, and adapt to their environments. It is an enabling technology for others on our list—the brains that will take robots to the next level and the analytical muscle that will help derive meaning from the flood of data that will be generated by billions of connected devices. It’s a broad label that spans a number of technologies that mimic human capabilities, including robotic process automation, machine learning, natural language processing, and neural networks. Surprisingly, many enterprise leaders in our survey do not perceive AI as disruptive as IoT, despite its integral role in making sense of IoT data.

Who is investing the most? North Americans and Western Europeans lead the way today, as do insurers, entertainment and media companies, and healthcare payers. In three years, information and communication firms, asset managers, capital markets, hospitality and leisure, and professional services firms will join the party.

What are AI investors focusing on? Customer experience and emerging technology exploration are the primary focuses today; attention will broaden to include content and engagement platform in three years.

What value do AI investors expect? Product innovation is a top incentive today. Increasing profits and disrupting their own or other industries will motivate investors in three years.



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