Cloud Computing’s Underground Club

Cloud Computing’s Underground Club June 22, 2016

Guest post by Nauman Noor of PwC’s Strategy& Humans are incredibly complex. Trying to unlock the mysteries of the human genome takes perpetual data crunching power. The big brains behind the research fueling the evolution of gene therapy want to gobble up as much cloud capacity as possible to help them decipher the hidden codes […]

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Why Machines Need Humans to Learn

Why Machines Need Humans to Learn June 20, 2016

Think back to when you were a child. You were in a data-rich environment, but only starting to make sense of it all. You barely knew the names for things, much less how one thing related to another. Now fast forward to adulthood. By this point, most of your experiences fit into webs of different […]

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Demystifying Machine Learning Part 4: Image and Video Applications

Practical Applications of Deep Learning in Image and Video Recognition June 16, 2016

In the previous post in our Machine Learning series, we dived into the inner workings of deep learning. Given deep learning’s unparalleled power, it’s not surprising that technology companies are competing with one another to collect deep learning experts and apply the techniques to their own operations. How are companies using deep learning to drive […]

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Sportifying STEM through Robotics to Stimulate Learning

Sportifying STEM through Robotics to Stimulate Learning June 9, 2016

When my son decided to dump football for something more engineering oriented, my wife and I stumbled upon FIRST Robotics. FIRST was started over 25 years ago by inventor Dean Kaman. He wanted to bring the excitement of sports to high school students interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through fast-paced competitions that […]

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Drones as a data service

Drones as a data service June 8, 2016

In May 2016, PwC launched a drone survey service in Poland. The Financial Times recently pointed out that countries such as Poland and Bulgaria, where 20 percent of the labor force is still in agriculture, are eager to make farming more cost efficient. This was an interesting concept, so I recently went to the AgTech […]

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What emerging technology should we invest in?

What emerging technology should we invest in? June 7, 2016

“What emerging technology should we invest in?” was a question I was asked during a client presentation for an IT Leadership team of a global software development company. It wasn’t a difficult question, and I had five answers that all could have been correct. “Tell me about your strategy,” I queried. The CTO quickly laid […]

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5 Leading Practices for Data Lakes

5 Leading Practices for Data Lakes June 1, 2016

Co-authored by Ritesh Ramesh Mars’ surface is dotted with depressions that may have once held lakes, captivating scientists who can study the areas to find clues to the planet’s history. A new form of lake is emerging on earth, and instead of water, it holds pools of data that provide data scientists with rich beds […]

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A Beacon for Personalized Customer Engagement

A Beacon for Personalized Customer Engagement May 31, 2016

Data savvy companies anticipate customers’ needs. Providing customers with a highly personalized experience that empower them with information at a time when they are ready to take action can be challenging. Context is critical and beacons can play an important role in helping deliver the right experience at the right time. A beacon is a […]

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Digital haystacks: extracting insight from enterprise data May 23, 2016

Guest post by Mitra Best, US Innovation Leader, PwC Did you know knowledge workers spend an average of 22 hours a week searching for people and information to do their jobs1? Today’s enterprises operate within a vortex of data. Information is scattered like leaves in the wind, and the meteoric pace of business makes yesterday’s […]

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AI Everywhere & Nowhere Part 3 – AI is AAAI (Assisted-Augmented-Autonomous Intelligence)

AI is AAAI (Assisted-Augmented-Autonomous Intelligence) May 20, 2016

In our first blog post on AI Everywhere and Nowhere, we outlined the challenges of defining Artificial Intelligence and in our second blog post, we described how ubiquitous AI is becoming and defined it as Ubiquitous Intelligence. In this blog, we define the continuum of AI as AAAI–Assisted, Augmented, and Autonomous Intelligence. AI as Assisted […]

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