Say Goodbye to Your Mouse

Say Goodbye to Your Mouse July 17, 2016

What will replace your mouse in the future? Nothing, predicts Meron Gribetz, the CEO of Augmented Reality (AR) smartglasses maker, Meta. Human-computer interfaces have hit an inflection point. Today’s interfaces were designed for computers. Tomorrow’s interfaces will be designed for humans.  (see figure and my article: How will people interact with augmented reality?)  This means […]

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Six ways drones are revolutionizing agriculture

Six ways drones are revolutionizing agriculture July 15, 2016

Guest post by Michał Mazur, Partner, Drone-Powered Solutions, PwC Applications for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), used commercially since the beginning of the 1980s, have exploded in a variety of industry sectors, thanks in part to robust investment support and loosening regulations. Responding to the rapidly evolving technology, companies are creating new business and operating models. […]

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Drones 101: Why service providers are key for leveraging drones

DJI Phantom quadcopter, a multi-rotor aircraft designed for aerial photography July 14, 2016

Executives are beginning to think about how they can take advantage of new data captured by drones, such as detailed imagery of crops, infrastructure, or facilities. But instead of investing in their own drone fleets, most businesses will look to a new type of service provider that will perform both data collection and sophisticated analysis. To […]

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Intelligent, context-aware data and analytics technologies widen the decision-making aperture

Intelligent, context-aware data and analytics technologies widen the decision-making aperture       July 12, 2016

Co-authored by Ritesh Ramesh As organizations strive to find the right mind-machine balance, human judgment still plays a big role in decision-making. In fact, according to PwC’s Global Data and Analytics Survey 2016: Big Decisions™ only 39% of respondents say their organizations are highly data-driven. Executives often make critical decisions based on insights from limited […]

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AI is the new electricity

AI is the new electricity July 11, 2016

“AI is the new electricity,” said Andrew Ng, Associate Professor of AI at Stanford University, at MIT’s EmTech Conference on Artificial Intelligence. AI is the new electricity? Huh? Wait a minute. One could argue that electricity is one of humanity’s greatest inventions. It ranks right up there with the wheel, the printing press, the combustion […]

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Virtual Reality: Rethinking the role of simulations in business

Virtual Reality: Rethinking the role of simulations in business July 6, 2016

What scares you at work? Giving a speech, dealing with an angry customer or pitching a new client? What if you could practice what you wanted to say without the risk of making a mistake, but in an environment that is so realistic you feel butterflies in your stomach, sweat drip from your brow and […]

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3D printing: How to pivot from prototyping to production

3D printing: How to pivot from prototyping to production June 27, 2016

Machines used in traditional manufacturing are generally decoupled from the materials they work with. For example, a lathe can work across all types of metals, plastics, wood and so on. The same is true with machines for sawing, drilling, milling, stamping, and other functions. The only thing the manufacturer has to change is the cutting […]

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Cloud Computing’s Underground Club

Cloud Computing’s Underground Club June 22, 2016

Guest post by Nauman Noor of PwC’s Strategy& Humans are incredibly complex. Trying to unlock the mysteries of the human genome takes perpetual data crunching power. The big brains behind the research fueling the evolution of gene therapy want to gobble up as much cloud capacity as possible to help them decipher the hidden codes […]

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Why Machines Need Humans to Learn

Why Machines Need Humans to Learn June 20, 2016

Think back to when you were a child. You were in a data-rich environment, but only starting to make sense of it all. You barely knew the names for things, much less how one thing related to another. Now fast forward to adulthood. By this point, most of your experiences fit into webs of different […]

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Demystifying Machine Learning Part 4: Image and Video Applications

Practical Applications of Deep Learning in Image and Video Recognition June 16, 2016

In the previous post in our Machine Learning series, we dived into the inner workings of deep learning. Given deep learning’s unparalleled power, it’s not surprising that technology companies are competing with one another to collect deep learning experts and apply the techniques to their own operations. How are companies using deep learning to drive […]

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