The top 3 considerations for your deals playbook

April 26, 2016

By Andrew Miller, Deals Partner

Unease around risk and market volatility is at an all-time high, but that hasn’t slowed companies’ enthusiasm for growth. Boardrooms are being met with increasing pressure to deliver on growth – but with a new class of activist investors and more barriers to deal success, delivering on that growth is proving to be much more difficult than ever before.

To play ball in this new arena, dealmakers will have to adopt new playbook for their inorganic growth strategies.  Next month at our Midwest Deals Summit in Chicago, we’re hosting a meet-up with some influential members of the deal community to tackle the biggest challenges and issues dealmakers face today.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the top issues we’ll be covering at PwC’s Midwest Deals Summit:

  • Active Outsiders – With shareholder activism on the rise, deals are under a microscope and are being met with increased scrutiny. Business leaders are struggling to strike the right balance in effectively managing activist situations, both from a proactive and reactive standpoint. Perrigo’s Judy Brown, Sard Verbinnen & Co.’s Bryan Locke, and PwC’s Larry Jones and Paula Loop will discuss how to prepare for and navigate an activist situation, while making sure deal objectives are met.
  • The Mandate for Inorganic Growth – For many companies, an organic growth strategy is a means to drive long-term growth – but lagging shareholder returns continue to fuel the activism fire. Leading dealmakers are looking at a variety of inorganic levers – including acquisitions, alliances and partnerships – to drive and sustain value growth more immediately. Mark Blaufuss, CFO of Metaldyne and David Farkas, VP of Business Development and M&A at Honeywell, along with Alastair Rimmer and Alex Brown from PwC’s Deals practice, will explore practical and proven approaches that companies can use in their deal strategies to drive competitive advantage.
  • Data & Analytics in Deals – Speed and agility are two key ingredients in the formula for a successful deal. And fortunately, with innovation in data and analytics capabilities, dealmakers can access enhanced insights to better inform the decision-making process around deal strategy and rationale. Smart use of data and analytics during transformative events like M&A, divestitures, or joint ventures can shorten the deal timeline while reducing disruption to the business. Hospira’s Rich Hoffman, with PwC’s Chet Mowry and Leanne Sardiga, will discuss how using advanced data capabilities can increase the possibility of deal success.

Over the last two years, we’ve seen tremendous activity in the U.S. deals market and we don’t see that momentum slowing down anytime soon.  Volatility and challenges aside, many dealmakers are continuing to reflect on the strategy and rationale behind their deals in order to evolve their inorganic growth playbook and to make sure their deals can get to the finish line.  We’re looking forward to hearing insights from industry experts on these and other considerations at our Midwest Deals Summit.  Be sure to follow the conversation online: #PwCDeals.

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