Introducing the People of Deals

January 17, 2018

By Bob Saada, US Deals Leader, PwC Deals

When it comes to deals, companies want to uncover opportunities, make smart decisions, and ultimately create value. Deals are a very human experience that can be full of emotion and uncertainty, and I take pride in leading a team of professionals who are dedicated to delivering the objective advice and insights that help companies through this journey.

Because it’s really people who make deals happen, I’d like to introduce you to some of our talented team members and give you a look into the people behind the deals. We’ll profile individuals with the goal that you will get to know us better, see how we live our values while working on a deal, and what we do outside of the office to renew our energy and pursue our inspirations.

This month you will meet Mile Milisavljevic, who uses his passion for learning and teaching to help energy companies discover and execute deal opportunities. He uses these same skills to parent his teenage son and in his volunteer work helping to rebuild Houston after Hurricane Harvey. You will also meet Lori Bistis, who leverages her passion for sports to help her team engage with each other as well as to help her Media and Communications clients get successfully through the deals process.

Empathy matters

It’s no accident that we have recruited a group of incredibly
talented individuals to execute across a wide range of deal strategy and tactics. When hiring and developing our team members, we look for strategic thinkers, in addition to people who are empathetic to the problems and challenges others face.

The relationship we develop with each client is of utmost importance since our guidance and experience means nothing if we don’t listen to the problem at hand and if we don’t create a foundation of trust. We cultivate empathy by putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients and approaching the problem from their point of view.

Diversity is a key ingredient of successful teams

At PwC, we have a firmwide commitment to diversity, and I believe this is something that truly sets us apart. We continually challenge ourselves to bring a unique mix of experiences and perspectives to the dealmaking table, and look to each of our team members for their distinct point of view. This inclusive environment is the key to seeing people’s potential, innovating and helping to solve our client’s important problems.

This commitment to diversity and inclusion carries over into my personal life as well. When my son and daughter were in high school, we hosted many exchange students in our home. One in particular became part of our family and remains so to this day. He was from a farming village in Kenya and while he was exposed to so many new things and ideas during his time with us, we too were positively impacted by him.

Pursuing inspiration

One of my personal values is the pursuit of inspiration. An
area of inspiration for me is music and one way I tap into my passion is by being on the board of the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. The Rock Hall is devoted to using music to teach children the values of creativity and diversity – and I’ve seen it work. Children relate so easily to music, and now more than ever, it’s critical to study and understand how music is changing our world as well as reflecting it.

I bring this commitment to inspiration to my Deals team, too. I know that it’s vital for our professionals to keep their inspirations alive. I strongly encourage my team to look for ways to feed their passions and find inspiration in their lives. This helps us stay creative, flexible and engaged.

People behind the deals

To me, nothing is more interesting than hearing someone’s personal story. I hope this look behind the curtain will give you a deeper understanding of the people behind the deals and how we come together to make a lasting impact on the clients we work with.




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