Getting fit for mergers and acquisitions

August 30, 2017

When preparing for a transformative deal, companies need to take a comprehensive look at their costs, operating models, and organization, analyzing any major functions that may need to be addressed throughout the transaction. One approach called Fit for Growth can help companies realign existing resources for a significant merger, acquisition, divestiture, or spin-off.

The Fit for Growth method rests on three pillars: companies focus on a few differentiating capabilities that lie at the heart of their competitive advantage, they align their cost structures with those capabilities, and they organize for growth. Looking at it through this lens is especially valuable as the pressure to eliminate redundancies and find synergies can mean that dealmaking teams may lose sight of what’s important and of what needs to be preserved.

Learn more in the strategy+business piece, Getting Fit for Mergers and Acquisitions, where we outline how this approach can help with every phase of a deal – from due diligence to postmerger integration planning to actual integration.


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