CEO Survey and Deals: Optimism outpaces the world

February 13, 2018

CEOs of US-based companies are much more likely than
their counterparts around the world to pursue new mergers and acquisitions in 2018, according to PwC’s latest annual CEO survey.

While US CEOs have expressed stronger M&A interest than CEOs globally in past years, the gap is widening. Global CEOs’ appetite for deals in the 21st CEO Survey was essentially flat from last year, remaining well below 50%. Meanwhile, more than two-thirds of US CEOs see deals as a path to improving profitability and growth – a surge of 14 points from last year.

The striking difference from both global CEOs this year and US CEOs last year may be attributable to a few different factors captured in other survey findings, including confidence in growth, the need to keep up with technology and the availability of capital.

Learn more by reading the full CEO Survey findings.


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