Bridging the value gap: How private equity firms can leverage synergies with joint ventures

By John Toriello, Partner, PwC’s Deals Practice and Scott Cohen, Director, PwC’s Deals Practice So far, 2017 has consistently …

How will CEOs adapt to global trade policy changes? Expect interest in cross-border partnerships to intensify

By Curt Moldenhauer, PwC Deals Solutions Leader @MoldenhauerCurt After a strong start to the year, questions are …

Target or IPO candidate unprepared? Complying with new revenue accounting standards may take “brute force”

By Dusty Stallings, Partner, Accounting Advisory, and John Toriello, Deals Partner Accounting considerations …

The new tax bill could drive big changes to deals. Here’s how.

By David Hall, US Deals Tax Leader, and Vadim Mahmoudov, Deals Tax Principal The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act bill (HR 1 or the House Bill) approved November 9 by the …

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