Crisis & restructuring

PwC Deals in the Journal of Corporate Renewal

Online and brick-and-mortar competition have resulted in an increasingly oversaturated landscape in the US grocery sector. And over the last two years, traditional restructuring …

Avoiding bankruptcy: Act now to turn a challenge into a strategic advantage

Steven Fleming, Principal, US Crisis and Restructuring Leader, PwC Deals We often hear of companies cutting staff, shutting operations or slashing …

Facing a restatement? Move fast to get your business back on track

By Michelle Krupa, Partner, PwC Let’s just say it: no company likes to restate its financial results, and for good reason. However, today’s dynamic …

Did you know: We have a team of dedicated crisis, restructurings and restatements professionals

Introducing the first edition of a new series aimed at showcasing the different ways our Deals practice is evolving to better serve …

Just launched: The Restructuring Game–our thoughts on how game theory is being applied in complex restructuring scenarios

By Jeremy Webb Partner – Crisis, Restructurings and Restatements PwC’s Deals Practice …

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