Case study: Telecom giant doubles its size with an acquisition

June 13, 2018

The right experience matters when it comes to complex 
acquisitions. A global communications equipment company doubled its size with the acquisition of a carve-out, but had limited deal experience to manage the integration. They needed help to:

Separate the business from the seller with asset purchases of 80 legal entities across 52 countries
Improve the ability to serve customers with no disruption during the transition and beyond
Fully integrate the carve-out into the existing business while retaining key employees and capturing synergies


PwC Deals was able to help the client manage the integration in areas such as:

Developing the TSA to establish how the seller and our client would support and operate the business in the interim period
Planning and preparing for Day One while keeping employees on both sides of the deal engaged and excited
Integrating the acquisition quickly by prioritizing synergies and TSA exits to transition the transferring employees and processes into our client’s platform


An aggressive value capture plan exceeded expectations by increasing the overall value realized in only 18 months. This resulted in:

45% more in synergies than expected through strategic sourcing and reducing headcount and facilities
No customer disruption by orchestrating TSA exits and timely integrations
Being able to retain key employees with an open and consistent communication and change management plan


Read the full case study to learn more about how we helped them achieve M&A integration while minimizing employee and customer disruption.


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