​​ALM Intelligence: PwC Deals named a leader in Joint Ventures and Alliances Consulting

January 3, 2018

ALM Intelligence ​has announced ​PwC ​as a leader in Joint Ventures and Alliances Consulting. ​Being assessed as a “leader” is defined as a practice at the top of the market in terms of capabilities to create client impact through their depth of expertise and ability to deploy it across a range of engagement models. Leaders are unique in their ability to independently execute end-to-end projects across the full spectrum of client contexts.

The report states, “PwC was one of the early firms to recognize that acquisitions were just one of many options or strategies in the transaction space, and that firms need to build out other capabilities including in the alliance and joint ventures space, but also extending that logic to divestitures and crisis/restructuring client needs.” The author of the report, Tomek Jankowski, goes on to say that “PwC approaches joint ventures as an option or tool in a larger strategic puzzle; what does the client need to grow, and what is the best way to achieve that growth? Alliances & joint ventures are embedded within PwC’s “six client solutions” in its Deals practice: strategy, Acquisitions, Alliances and Joint Ventures, Divestitures, Capital markets, and Crisis and restructuring. Since the object of a joint venture or alliance is to acquire access to resources, markets or other advantages via collaboration with a partner, for PwC joint ventures and alliances services are fairly closely aligned with its acquisitions practice – which is tasked with helping clients find and bring external resources in-house.”

Read the full press release, or reach out to our Alliances team here.

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