PwC launches cybersecurity and privacy hub

PwC Launches Cybersecurity and Privacy Hub

February 29, 2016

By David Burg.  At PwC, we want to help lead an informed discussion on important cybersecurity and privacy-related issues. In the coming days, we invite you to visit Broader Perspectives, our new cybersecurity and privacy hub hosted on In this new platform, leaders at PwC provide insights and perspectives on the latest cybersecurity and privacy trends, focusing on how these issues affect businesses and individuals alike.

The hub will also curate articles on the most significant cyber-related issues, covering everything from geopolitical topics to breaches and vulnerabilities. We believe that providing readers with these overviews can help guide discussions on the importance of protecting digital information while also balancing cybersecurity and privacy in our interconnected world.

As information-sharing continues to evolve, our goal is to keep business leaders ahead of emerging cyber challenges by utilizing the hub to collectively identify solutions that can improve and protect our digital infrastructures.

You can bookmark the link now by clicking here, or by visiting the site directly:

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