Make Responsibility Count

by PwC CR on July 29, 2013

Corporate Responsibility (CR) has long been part of PwC’s underlying fabric − a strategic effort to help drive our people’s development, our client service experience, our business relationships, and our community and charitable investments.  In our markets, we engage our communities in tangible and measureable ways. In the industries the firm serves, we help improve trust, transparency, and consistency. Our people have become thought leaders, mentors and talent developers for our employees, contributors of time and personal resources to non-profits, and citizens committed to our environment.

Part of my role as Corporate Responsibility Leader is to ask “How can we do more?” How can we work more strategically and effectively? How can we further leverage our strengths and build on what we have achieved to make more meaningful and measurable differences in our communities and industries? How can we better collaborate with companies, organizations and institutions to create inroads in our core focus areas? If there’s one thing CR requires, it’s asking tough questions and working together to answer them. And that’s our goal for this blog. We started this blog, Make Responsibility Count, to serve as a forum where all of us interested and invested in the biggest societal issues of our time – education; poverty; climate change; resource scarcity; financial stability – can ask the tough questions. It’s also a place where we can share insights on key issues and trends; discuss what’s working; and more importantly, what we can do better or differently and how we can leverage our experience to help other practitioners.

CR is a dynamic and rewarding space that pushes me to broaden my understanding, views and reach every day. It’s particularly rewarding to learn about new ways in which PwC’s people are carrying forth our CR work. There is no better illustration of “making CR count” than our people taking the initiatives on their own − developing their own ideas and quietly going about executing them in their offices, homes, communities, without seeking notice or credit. Why? Even when completely integrated into the business strategy, CR is only sustainable through the actions of individuals.  Our role as leaders is to empower change agents throughout the firm.

As you read about the issues we will highlight here, from CR strategy and employee engagement, to measurement and social innovation, please let me know if there are specific topics you’d like to discuss.  This blog is not an advertisement or a place to pat ourselves on the back. Rather, it is a place to share stories and strategies that show perseverance, courage and persuasion and sometimes even luck. We learn and grow by doing and experimenting and not by flipping to the last page to see how it all ends up – it is progression, a journey and our stories will make our combined efforts more productive and lasting.

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