The bridge to somewhere — hopefully, across the aisle

by AM admin on March 16, 2018

By Byron Carlock, US Real Estate Leader –

Just thinking about the state of infrastructure in New York City—LaGuardia Airport, currently under construction; the subway, where investment is badly needed; and The Gateway Project, with its funding status TBD—is enough to show quickly how badly and how much infrastructure investment is needed across the U.S.

On a national level, compare that to an $836 billion backlog of unmet capital investment needs for highways and bridges; many Americans lack access to high-speed Internet service and most of our country’s underground water infrastructure was built 50 or more years ago.

President Trump’s recently released infrastructure plan provides a roadmap to begin addressing issues like those I mentioned above.

My initial reaction: it’s bold, ambitious and inherently includes a sky-high degree of difficulty to get this done.

My second reaction: it’s a good start—and badly needed.

My fear: both sides of the aisle won’t put aside their differences, come together, and deliver meaningful, substantive and actionable investment to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure.

I’ve provided my framework assessment below.

As with any proposed legislation, there are cheerleaders and detractors on both sides, but the devil is always in the details:

I’m looking forward to hearing more about the plan from Secretary Chao next week: she’s scheduled to deliver a major trade association speech and is likely to brief several US Senators when the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works holds a hearing entitled, “The Administration’s Framework for Rebuilding Infrastructure in America.”

I’ll share further insight next week and reconcile any updates to the infographic above. In the interim, I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.

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